Resident's Stories
A resident of Esther tells her story

18 February 2014


Kaylee had spent many months living in various types of temporary accommodation until she came to the Esther Community on 18th November 2013. She hadn’t built up any preconceptions before coming to Esther, as she had no prior knowledge of our existence. Kaylee has mental health needs which require high support and has also suffered from several domestic violence incidents. She was interviewed for one of our bedsits, rather than a room in the hostel, due to her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the need for optimum cleanliness. Kaylee said that as soon as she was shown the room she fell in love with it and was so happy to have her own kitchen and bathroom.

Whilst Kaylee found some staff very approachable and welcoming from the outset, particularly her keyworker, she stated that others took longer to get to know. As she gradually built up relationships with the staff at Esther, she realised that although each had different characteristics, they were all caring individuals and she found the 24 hour support invaluable. Indeed Kaylee’s view is that this is one of the key elements to aid her rehabilitation.

Kaylee had a few reservations about meeting the housemates and although she found some to be rather loud and gregarious at first, she soon warmed to them during activities she participated in and quickly formed firm friendships.

At first Kaylee had concerns about living in an environment that she wasn’t used to and seeing the visual effects of drug and alcohol misuse. She soon realised the importance of having rules in place to manage these situations and observed that the staff ensured that all rules were strictly adhered to, thus safeguarding all clients.

Kaylee concluded that by the time she leaves Esther, she hopes to have improved her self- confidence through counselling, psychotherapy and support from the staff. She also hopes to have attained some qualifications by taking part in our structured day programme and to have become a much more independent individual.