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Visit from Exeter Medical School SSU (Special Study Unit)

Exeter Medical School at Esther Community

12 March 2014

‘Medicine as Art’, facilitated by Cathy Hillman, has become an integral part of the structured day programme here at Esther for the last 3 years. Cathy had a great interest in the ways in which Medicine needed to be practiced with regard to those with complex needs.

“Although the discipline of medicine is scientifically based, the practice of it is an Art form” - Cathy Hillman.

With this in mind Esther has been used as a platform for Exeter Medical Students to meet with members of the Esther Community and lead various activities. These include filmography, knitting, art, music lessons, photography and writing. This has enabled women at our project to be able to engage with medical teams in a less formal environment and the medical students to consider different approaches to meeting medical needs.

Many of the medical students have remarked how this experience has informed the way in which they will practice medicine:

“I will never be the same again after this experience. I have learned so much.”

The residents at Esther have found this group to have a positive impact on how they view themselves and others. One resident stated:

“At first I felt very uncomfortable in the group with medical students. By the end I felt I could talk to them, they were just people like me and I was really encouraged by the way they were interested in different people’s experiences and lives.”

The success of this group was reflected by a recent visit from BBC Spotlight who came along to interview and document what was taking place.

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